Boots-Dickson Post 174

600 Short Street Palmyra, MO

The Founding of Post 174

24 October 1919

On October 16, 1919, a meeting of ex-servicemen was held at the Palmyra Courthouse for the purpose of organizing a local Post of the American Legion. As a result of this meeting fifteen men signed application for a Charter. Those Signing were as follows: H. H. Heinze, H. V. Todd, F. G. Carlstead Sr. ,L. F. Nelson, J. W. Primrose, F. C. Heinze, Harold Stuhlman, Arthur Crane, Dr. A. R. Stone, Robert Schaeffer, George B. Lewis, E. G. Hill, Roger C. Smoot, H. J. Baker and Gerald Losson. At the time of the meeting in Palmyra it was decided, by ballot, that the name of the Post should be "The Boots-Dickson Post" in honor and memory of Wade Boots and Howard Dickson, deceased, both Palmyra boys who died as heroes during the War. The Charter was approved and signed on 24 October 1919. Those listed above are on the Charter as the original Charter members. Those signing the Charter were : Edward J. Cahill/ State Secretary, Henry D. Lindsley/Chairman National Executive Board, and Eric Fisher Wood/Secretary National Executive Committee.

Post Historian Highlights

2022 School Awards

American Legion Oratorical Contest:

Palmyra 1st Place $300: Elizabeth Salo
Palmyra 2nd Place $200: Tim Wellman
Marion R-2 1st Place $300: Natalie Nick

Good Citizen Award:Medallion and Certificate

Palmyra High School Girl: Audrey Summer
Palmyra High School Boy: Caleb Juette
Palmyra Middle School Girl: Emma Meyer
Palmyra Middle School Boy: Noah Williams
Marion R-2 Boy: Spencer Whetstone
Marion R-2 Girl: Sadie Mason

Americanism Award: Plaque and Certificate

Palmyra High School: Tim Wellman
Marion R-2 High School: Delaney Straus

American Legion Memorial Scholarship: $1,000

Palmyra High School: Mallory Comstock
Marion R-2 High School: Karissa Anne Kennedy